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Now you see it. Now you don’t.

PHANTOM is a glass screen protector like no other. Discreet and virtually invisible.

3D Touch compatible, designed to custom fit the screen of your iPhone, you’ll barely notice it’s there. Ideal for use with nearly every case, it’s the perfect partner for the ultimate smartphone.

PHANTOM delivers exceptional protection - beautifully shielding your iPhone from scratches, shocks and shattering. Remarkably thin at a market-leading 0.15 mm, along with 9H hardness, it’s flexible and ultra-effective. Manufactured though the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of production processes, PHANTOM marries a stunning flat screen design with outstanding functionality.

Highly-advanced, super-tough Premium Tempered Glass, enmeshed in 11-layers of cutting-edge premium screen protection technology, makes PHANTOM extraordinarily strong and effective.

Totally transparent, it’s icy smooth finish only adds to its ethereal invisibility. Your fingers simply glide across it as if there’s nothing there. Seamlessly installed in seconds, bubble-free, water- and oil-resistant, dust and fingerprint resistant. Wash and reuse the versatile PHANTOM as you wish, it will never let you or your iPhone down.

PHANTOM. This sleek, screen-fitting protector may virtually disappear on your iPhone, but it’s quality will always be seen.

See the strength of PHANTOM here
(CINDER is in the video, PHANTOM has the same abilities):

Click here to watch PHANTOM in action

See the easy installation process here
(CINDER is in the video, PHANTOM has the same abilities):

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    Posted by Patrick on Jan 6th 2020

    I like the feel of the protector. Has a soft gliding feel. Edges are smoother than most screen protectors